Located Honey Bees In my Apple Tree That Escaped From a Bee Keeper

This past summer while my husband was cutting the lawn outdoors, he went by our apple tree and see lots of bees. He didn’t want to get too close at that time since he didn’t understand what he was dealing with and he didn’t want to be assaulted. He parked the mower rapidly and went over to the beehive to find out what was happening and why there have been a lot of bees. He spotted the honey bees while he approached the tree. He was not sure how to proceed, but explained to me what was going on. Then he informed our neighbor what was happening. He mentioned that bees might have escaped to our apple tree from a beekeeper down the road. My husband asked what he ought to do, and our neighbor stated we should get in touch with the beekeeper to let him know. My husband discovered the name of the individual and started searching for the telephone number of this male. After a number of efforts to locating his telephone number proved unsuccessful, we knew we had to discover a method to get these honey bees from our tree. Both of us desired to make certain that our boy did not get assaulted, and that neither of us got attacked.

My husband informed our neighbor that he did not have any luck locating a telephone number for the bee keeper. At that time, our neighbor informed us that his brother might get them out of the tree for us. He had been a novice beekeeper and needed to obtain these bees for his hive.

The neighbor contacted his brother, and he showed up to collect these bees in just ten minutes. He was in a suit and carrying all of the essential gear to capture the honey bees. Additionally, he brought along a couple of others individuals to assist him.

Gathering all of the bees on the apple tree has taken him just a couple of hours. I was happy to get rid of them – a huge number of them!

We explained to our neighbor thanks for helping us out there with the bees and he stated it happens every couple of years. We did not realize since it had been our first year here. He mentioned the beekeeper across the road occasionally loses bees. At least we now know who to get in touch with in case this occurs once again. If that occurs once again, our neighbor’s brother is most likely still in the beekeeping business, so we do not need to pay anybody to take them out. I do intend on learning who the bee keeper is that lives up the street from us so I could get in touch with him in case that ever happens once again. I did feel terrible that somebody else got his bees, nevertheless I was not in a position to get hold of him and needed the bees gone as quickly as possible.