Just what Are European Honey Bees?

Just what Are European Honey Bees?

What exactly are the most prevalent honey bee species on the planet? The European honey bee possesses the biggest number of species, out of the twelve presently known. It’s also referred to as Western honey bee, and also the key word here’s honey, since one colony is able to create a large amount of the product. Apis mellifera, the medical name, confirms the fact, since its translation actually signifies honey bearer. This information is going to cover all you need to know about the European honey bee.

To begin with, it is fascinating to talk about the species ‘appearance. The look of a European bee is rather different. Their appearance is determined by their ethnicity. People may be queen bees, drone adults, or worker bees.

Worker bees measure merely a half an inch in length, with distinct yellow as well as black stripes all over the entire body. Not only can they be distinguished by the number of hairs all over their bodies, but they’re additionally distinct in their look. They possess two sets of wings as well as three sets of hind legs.

A drone is defined by a larger head, thorax and eyes compared to a worker bee. Additionally they possess a thick belly, which in the end is blunt. Grownup worker bees do not possess stingers.

You’re probably taking a look at the queen of the colony in case you notice a bigger variation of a worker bee. Queen bees possess a rounded belly and a bigger size, and that is the distinction between them. The Queen possesses a stinger, though she hardly ever makes use of it.

The advancement of European honeybees consists of 4 phases of metamorphosis completed: Egg, larva, pupae along with mature. This species is recognized primarily for their social organization abilities. It appears they’ve a recognized method for sharing resources and work. The employees carry out for the colony a lot of work, which includes upkeep, defence, honey production as well as nectar collection. The worker bees tend to be restricted in their power to mate with an unmated queen. And within the colony, the queen may be the only person that lay eggs. The queen may create as much as 1,500 eggs each day.

The main method in which European honeybees raise their numbers is by swarming. This has a tendency to occur in the spring or early summertime, since that is when food options are at their best. It’s thought that a great number of pollen as well as nectar sources trigger swarming. It starts with the mom queen of the colony developing around a dozen daughter – queens. Once the daughter queens arrive at late pupal stage, the mom queen and approximately 60 % of worker bees swarm as well as travel to other places to build a new colony.

In regions with temperate climates, the bees might only have the ability to swarm once a year. Nevertheless, they are able to swarm in the tropics several times as a result of the higher levels of nectar and pollen. This demonstrates additionally that European honey bees aren’t indigenous to Europe, in spite of the fact that they’ve exactly the same name. They were from Asia as well as the Middle East, and had been shipped by the very first Europeans to Europe. After that European colonists brought the bees to North America, and that is usually the reason the species was named Honeybee.